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Ipad and Square: 2 launches for one

Much as been said about the Ipad. If you are connected to the internet and Twitter, you most probably have suffered Ipad information overload this week end. If you went to an Apple store, you’ve seen how much attraction the numerous demo Ipads are garnering.

Along that launch, another one has happened: Square is now publicly available, both as an application in the App store as well as a web application and a free dongle (disclaimer, I haven’t received the latter one, as stated on the Square app it may take some time to receive one but they are ramping production)

5 months ago we announced @Square. Today we're opening to the US, starting with the iPad. Cash, cards, & items.

For its launch, the Ipad/Square combination has been tested at SightGlass (another one of Jack Dorsey’s investment), with apparently a beefed up dongle.

I will look for better videos as soon as they are released

While I am waiting to receive the dongle for a more detailed hands-on review, one of the most interesting evolution from a functionality perspective is the creation of a virtual shelf where you can list all your products, just like a cash register would allow you to do. Also added are functionalities for managing sales tax and tips.

Image via Mashable:

Square has also released its pricing: it is entirely fee based with no annual payments as promised.

After reviewing several merchant accounts offers online, Square has at least clearly an advantage in simplicity. Here is for comparison the pricing of a provider found through Merchantseek: Thompson Merchant services. (The Nurit 2085 is also way way less nice looking than the Ipad 😉 )

I am not an expert in services offering for merchant accounts, so if you have comments on the Square pricing: feel free to share your feedback, I will add it to this post.

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