Skeptics have it wrong: there are great opportunities for disruption in financial services

“You have a great UI, but this is never going to work: people don’t trust startups with their money” This was a comment often heard during the presentations of the two following financial startups during the Tecrunch Disrupt conference in New York: Plantly and Betterment. It appears that most(?) people in the industry seem to […]

An Exchange Boom?

These last weeks have been busy with events, announcements and new startups! Great material for future posts but this one is on markets and how new exchanges have become an interesting field in financial services innovation. Recently Exchanges have had a poor reputation. The flash crash has highlighted the multiplicity as well as complexity of […]

Is P2P Lending the next frontier for covesting platforms?

An interesting tweet from @giyom is at the origin of this post: Will reintermediation happen in #P2PLending? i.e. investing in good performing lenders instead of borrowers.less than a minute ago via TweetieGuillaume Lebleugiyom If we look at what is happening in the investment management sector, perhaps we can extrapolate a possible evolution in P2P Lending. […]

Fake it till you make it! A model for integration in banks?

On Bankervision, I read this great post Using people as glue. It is often the case, when you move from a legacy system to a new system that you have to face the struggle of moving your data and user experience from one to the other. As described by James Gardner: You know that, even […]

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