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Finovate Europe 2011 : quick look at 5 presenters

While I am waiting in JFK for my flight to London, I finally found some time to look in more details at the presenters of Finovate Europe (hectic last weeks to say the least). Here is an overview of 5 companies that are catching my attention (not that the other companies are not interesting, on the contrary):

BOKU With its competitor Zong, they are pushing for mobile payment by being an intermediary between virtual goods sellers and carriers. Because they are using mobile phone numbers, they are virtually frictionless (no password, checkout form) and are bypassing the regular credit card as a payment mean.

Cardlytics : using credit card information to help provide deals and special offers is a key convergence between Merchants, Advertisers and Banks. I will be interested to have more information in adoption and customer feedback.

Miicard . The question of identity is a major factor for the future of financial services, from authentication to credit/social scoring. The current password based system will need to be replaced for stronger interactions online.

StockTwits Can the next bloomberg / CNBC be crowdsourced? Stocktwits play on the boom of short messages communications platforms (twitter) and the rise of the amateur expert as a valid source of information. Curious to see what new thing they will be presenting.

Xero A lot is happening and will need to happen for small businesses. The reduction in costs for the development of software and the increase of SaaS offers makes the current environment incredibly positive for new services to Small businesses.

This is only a very small selection of the companies presenting a Finovate, while browsing quickly through them. I am excited to have the opportunity to see ALL of them demo at Finovate and will liveblog from the event. Keep tuned.

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