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Finovate Europe 2011 : Part 2 [A social world and the rise of the amateur]

With companies like Etoro, Stocktwits, Cortal Consors with Hopee or Fidor, one of the key theme for Finovate Europe was how financial service can be changed by being developed around the interaction of its users.

One of the consequences of this approach is the possibility for successful amateurs to become a direct competition to established business model.

EToro (voted Best of Show) is an online Forex broker with a major twist. By implementing social trading, it allows users to copy specific trades from others or even follow a specific trader.


As seen in the image above, EToro also has added a gaming perspective to trading, by creating traders ranking and watch lists. For now it seems that what is driving the platform dynamic is mainly the game mechanic, but it could be expected that leading traders may be remunerated at some points for their financial advice (in a way close to Covestor for example).

* When copying a trade, users get a close equivalent to the precedent trade, but not exactly the same one (but teh same trades when following)
* Etoro assured me they have set a killswitch so that if you follow a trader going “rogue”, they will disconnect its followers’ trade.

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Finovate Europe 2011 : Part 1 [Overall impression and PFMs]

As you may have seen on this blog or twitter, I had the chance to participate to Finovate Europe. Thanks to all the Finovate team for inviting me to the event. While we were 2 bloggers on the list (with @BankerVision), I believe I was the only one physically present that day. And yes blogging is what I do on Tekfin.

The event:
35 demos, 7 minutes each, only demos, no powerpoint let’s just say Finovate is a packed day.
Overall, each company made it through their time with a relatively good presentation. For some of them, I wished they had more time, especially when they are not really feature based but propose a all new business to explore. In most cases, the question of the business model is not discussed at all (more so frustrating when the presenter is a startup and not a Big Co)

Maybe there could be slightly less companies and a selection of 5-10 best of show which would have to present another time?

Thanks also to Chris Skinner for “Ricky Gervais”ing his hosting role, and overall providing insightful and funny comments.

Its a PFM world in Europe
Was it too much? Or a sign of the importance of PFM for banks for the coming months and years? Nonetheless PFM dominated the presentations with no less than 8 different companies (on 35 though). Now, it should be reminded that:
Europe did not have a Mint. With its success story, media coverage and final sell to Intuit, Mint helped put the PFM in more minds than any competitors in the US
A limited number of banks proposes PFM so far in Europe, especially major banks (contrary to Bank of America for example)
So it is clear the PFM should be a key item in the list of innovation banks want to push in the near future.

One of the common themes was, for providers going the white label way, the development of a specific back hand for banks to manage their communication campaigns. Most of the time it includes some kind of filter (income, existing products, socio-economic data) to allow for targeting. Also included is a tracking dashboard to provide the kind of feedback an internet based campaign has (click through rate, etc.)


Finovate Europe Demo Session

Live blogging the first demo session:


While really motivating, this first trial a live blogging did not succeed due to a slow connection. Looking forward to trying more of these. You can search for #finovate on twitter for live feedback on the presenting companies.