Level up! Joining Anthemis!

I started Tekfin as a way to make my passion for innovation and financial services more “productive”. Basically, it was (and still is) a way to put my ideas “out there” and take whatever comments in to scrap them or make them better. Then came Twitter and the opportunity to learn, share, discuss with even more people. After a while it even lead to being invited to attend as a blogger event such as Finovate London or the Finextra event in New York (all my thanks to both teams for the opportunity).

Commenting is good, but being active in the ongoing disruption of financial services is better! So it’s really exciting for me to announce that I am joining Anthemis and will work with Sean Park, Udayan Goyal, Nadeem Shaikh and all the team starting September. If you want to know more about Anthemis, the best presentation is probably this post by Sean: Introducing Anthemis

If you look at our portfolio companies, you will find a lot of parallels with blog posts published since the creation of Tekfin.






fx capital group







I will keep Tekfin as a personal blog / twitter account, not sure if anything will change (most likely disclaimers when writing about one of our portfolio companies).

No turning back now 😉

The ski metaphor fits perfectly since we are relocating from New York to Geneva, Switzerland. Which leads me to the most important thing, big thanks to my wife Barbara for being so supportive in this new endeavor. If you know someone looking for a kick ass digital marketer in Geneva, let me know!

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