EPCA Payment Summit – Innovation in the Payment space

I had the chance to be invited by the team of the EPCA Payment Summit┬áto present on how innovation is changing the way we pay. Here is the Prezi of my talk: EPCA Summit – Payment Innovation on Prezi The startups mentioned are: http://squareup.com http://paypal.com http://izettle.com http://movenbank.com http://bill.com http://tradeshift.com http://xero.com http://simple.com http://stripe.com http://braintreepayments.com http://kabbage.com http://facebook.com […]

The Core of the Machine – Banking as a Utility

I have been a strong partisan of Banking as a Service and posted several times on the topic on this blog.┬áRecently I have posted more on the shiny outer layers that could be / are created in such a stack but not so much of the core services under it. So it was with interest […]

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