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Swiss New Finance Conference – Bern 08/23/2012

Time to dust off my German and start learning Swiss-German (not that similar … at all). I have the opportunity to attend the Swiss New Finance Conference which covers the following:


A lot of the topics cover funding innovation, notably via Crowdfunding. I am looking forward to learn more from C-Crowd, which as developed a legal crowdfunding solution in Switzerland. Now that they have several projects funded, I am curious to learn more how the companies manage large shareholders base.

I am also interested to learn more from the Open Bank Project. An API standard for bank connection is definitely an integral part of Banking as a Service. Whether individual solutions (such as the one created by Credit Agricole, Axa Bank for example) or standard project such as Open Bank will ultimately succeed is not sure (in my view), but they contribute in pushing this agenda.

Also interesting is the presentation from Pelle Braendgaard. I have followed Pelle on Twitter for a long time ( @PelleB ), if you are interested in innovation in financial services, this is definitely an account to add.

Finally, I am keen to get the latest update from the guys of Shareleap , they are trying to reinvent shareholders’ relations, a rather big and important problem.

Might never know, maybe some of you will be here  (… Bern …. in August …. ) > happy to meet if this is the case!



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