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World Usability Day 2012 – Financial Services

I had the opportunity to present in Geneva for World Usability Day. Here is the Prezi of my talk, unfortunately not recorded. This is a summary of some of my previous posts in Usability in online banking and why using Accounting design as the framework for usability is wrong.



The second presentation was a summary of a study made by Telono on the Mortgage Calculators in various Swiss Bank websites. Here is a quick video extract. The person on the left is tasked with finding the Mortgage Calculator. 0:11 is priceless.

Apologizes for the really bad framing

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Your Prezi presentation is extremely interesting. As you say, some of the ideas you have already expressed in previous posts, but then you manage here to give a structure and the result is very clear and informative. I still miss some focus on e.g. the presentation of “smart” dashboards, but the example of the iceland trip speaks for itself (I expect this anaytic is done automatically). Furthermore, overdraft statistics are stunning.
Must confess I did not get the 0:11 joke (bad sound ? my poor english ?)

For 0.11, if you look at her face on the upper left corner, she is completely lost / desperate. And that’s just for finding the mortgage calculator .. not even using it …

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