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Innovation in the insurance market: QuanTemplate

Its now official, Anthemis has led the latest investment round in QuanTemplate and I could not be more thrilled about it.

QuanTemplate is a marketplace, communications and enterprise workflow technology that offers a secure web-based platform for trading risk, regulatory reporting and creating financial models for use across the (re)insurance market. Through QuanTemplate, underwriters and brokers can conduct all operational activities required to trade in the $4.7trillion insurance market while optimizing their risk in real-time, all the time.

To put it simply, QuanTemplate brings modern data analysis and reporting as well as communication to an industry still mostly relying on Office Tools, emails and hard to use internal systems (in the best case). Through the QuanTemplate platform, the risks of the companies and financial institutions that are driving the world economy are analysed, presented, shared and traded.

Quantemplate screenshot

There are 3 reasons why I believe QuanTemplate has the potential to be one of the leading startups for the insurance industry:

1/ The team. Adrian Rands and Marek Nelken have an incredible experience in the insurance / re-insurance market as well as financial services core technology. Just looking at the product shows they have a distinct vision of the needs of the industry and their ambition for the platform is very large. It is not often you find a team both able to speak to business customers and  build its own frameworks (See Mafic and X-Stitch)

2 / The market. Insurance in general is a market ripe for disruption. The Insurance industry has been so far largely insulated from the disruptive forces that have started to impact the other financial services industry. This is in my view largely due to the moat provided by the historical data insurance is based on, as well as regulatory barriers. For the most part, the B2B insurance market is run on Excel, Word and emails. Quantemplate focuses on the current issues and needs of the industry but builds for its more liquid future.

3/ The vision.The digitisation of the B2B insurance market could have a major impact on the industry. Better data management and modelling approach will affect the economics of the business as well as the capacity to measure risk holistically. A more standardised platform could increase liquidity in the market by allowing new players looking to diversify their investment opportunities to enter.

QuanTemplate’s reception within key players of the industry has been very positive and I am looking forward to working with the QuanTemplate team on an exciting journey.

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