Shadow banking: a platform for innovative financial services

Shadow banking has become a focus of media in the last years, with many headlines on its growing size, its supposed incomprehensible structure and how it was superseding the existing banking system . This view has often been biased toward rejection and misunderstanding. After all, one can argue an independent hedge fund has a better aligned […]

Bank hacking: power to the financial services makers

With the Maker Faire movement growing over the last few years, Hardware hacking has finally been making the headlines. It is one of the root causes of the recent startup hardware trends that are also fueled by platforms such as Kickstarter. What is interesting to me is that independent, smart  and techno savy people put the […]

2013 – First Notes

2013 starts very strong and time is already a precious resource. Some notes on what I am interested in: – Redefinition of Employment:  Crisis may recede, but long term changes to employment structure will not. Rise of the Robot Economy.… Information employment less stable (as detrimental to knowledge expansion) Possible impacts: Underwriting, Lending Structure […]

Fortune 2.0 – small assets management

I have highlighted in the past several major trends affecting financial services : – Digitization of transactions, especially receipts from purchases. – Improvement and democratization of marketplaces, lowering the cost of liquidity on transactions – Improved leverage of assets from the emergence of collaborative consumption (Airbnb, Getaround) Private Banking is sometimes offering to their high […]

Douglas Adams on Banking in 1997 : Algorithm Race in Retail Banking

Douglas Adams describing Algorithmic Retail Banking in 1997. So much in line with these 2 posts I wrote – Next: Algorithmic Banking and Should people manage their bank accounts? No! Starts 17 minutes in. Interview with the late Douglas Adams speaking about artificial life from Andy Taplin on Vimeo. Wow!

World Usability Day 2012 – Financial Services

I had the opportunity to present in Geneva for World Usability Day. Here is the Prezi of my talk, unfortunately not recorded. This is a summary of some of my previous posts in Usability in online banking and why using Accounting design as the framework for usability is wrong.   World Usability Day: Finance 2.0 […]

Square: from Dongle to Domination

I had the opportunity to write an opinion/profile of Square for the SIBOS edition of Informilo: Here is the introduction and link to the full piece: “In 2008, glass blower James McKelvey was unable to complete a $2,ooo sale of his glassware because a customer could only pay by credit card. Frustrated, he discussed this […]

Should people manage their bank accounts? No!

One of the points raised many times at Next Bank Europe is that banks should give better tools for people to manage their accounts and finance. Actually, when asked, most people want to be able to better manage their bank accounts. However, maybe this is looking at this problem through the wrong lens. Actively managing […]

Alternative currencies: as good as their entry/exit points?

With the lasting economic crisis, in Europe and the rest of the world, the focus on alternative currencies seems to have increased. For example the Wall Street Journal has covered extensively the development of such currencies in Spain: Another famous example is the Brixton pound.     At the same the dramatic reduction in IT […]

Swiss New Finance Conference – Bern 08/23/2012

Time to dust off my German and start learning Swiss-German (not that similar … at all). I have the opportunity to attend the Swiss New Finance Conference which covers the following: Agenda A lot of the topics cover funding innovation, notably via Crowdfunding. I am looking forward to learn more from C-Crowd, which as developed a legal […]

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