Banking as a platform – what retail banking can learn from investment banking

I have written before on this blog on how banking, especially retail banking could move to a platform model, allowing other services to be built on top of them. The idea is to let other services develop by themselves (using a set of predetermined APIs to your digital platform) on top of your existing offer. Depending […]

Finovate Europe 2011 : Part 2 [A social world and the rise of the amateur]

With companies like Etoro, Stocktwits, Cortal Consors with Hopee or Fidor, one of the key theme for Finovate Europe was how financial service can be changed by being developed around the interaction of its users. One of the consequences of this approach is the possibility for successful amateurs to become a direct competition to established […]

Will financial information become the next “commodity” data?

Bernard Lunn of SemanticWeb, wrote a great post on XBRL and the impact it can have on the different layers of the stack using financial information. His article is greatly detailed  so if you haven’t done it yet: read it! As quoted in this other article on XBRL Financial Information : “Anyone can get the […]

Trading as a platform: a natural evolution

E*Trade has announced today that it is launching its open API. You can find the announcement here and details on the API there: Based on the documentation it allows to: • authenticate E*TRADE customers to the E*TRADE authentication servers. • manage trades and orders, including placing a new order, modifying an existing order, […]

Is P2P Lending the next frontier for covesting platforms?

An interesting tweet from @giyom is at the origin of this post: Will reintermediation happen in #P2PLending? i.e. investing in good performing lenders instead of borrowers.less than a minute ago via TweetieGuillaume Lebleugiyom If we look at what is happening in the investment management sector, perhaps we can extrapolate a possible evolution in P2P Lending. […]

Introduction to Semantic Web’s “Wave Hits Financial Services”

Semantic Web has published a very interesting and detailed blog post on disruptive innovation in Finance listing the main activities of banks (by source of revenue) and the players that may challenge the incumbents. Here is a spreadsheet summarizing the bank’s activities listed as well as the disruptive innovations and key players. Link to the […]

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