Klublax is going under administration

Techcrunch is reporting that Klublax, A Mint like Personal Finance website in the UK has gone into administration. Here is the official mail: Dear Kublax Customer It is with great regret that we announce the closure of our service as we have been forced to take the business into administration. Over the course of the […]

Impact of free data on bank’s model (Part 2)

What is the impact? Banks have seen a decrease of their customers’ engagement. The role of bank branches has diminished with the introduction of intelligent ATMs and Internet portals. And while they have increased their positioning in terms of mobile and internet banking, cross selling may become more difficult in this new environment. With the […]

Impact of free data on bank’s model (Part 1)

Banks should look at all what’s happening to mainstream media to see their future Information is now a product of mass consumption Whether it is considered a good thing or not, it is a fact that the media industry is undergoing one of the most important transformation since its creation. New technologies and their associated […]

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