Alternative currencies: as good as their entry/exit points?

With the lasting economic crisis, in Europe and the rest of the world, the focus on alternative currencies seems to have increased. For example the Wall Street Journal has covered extensively the development of such currencies in Spain: Another famous example is the Brixton pound.     At the same the dramatic reduction in IT […]

Underbanked? Not without financial services!

Who are the underbanked in the US? If we refer to Javelin Strategy latest study: “Comprising an estimated 35 million US adults (or 15% of the US population), underbanked are typically young, ethnically diverse, and more likely to use the “computer in their pocket” (i.e. their mobile phones) to conduct their banking.” But does that […]

No more Credits? An opportunity for Facebook.

I will not pretend that I had even one tenth of an insight into Facebook decision to finish its Credits program (announced here on their blog: Techcrunch as a review of what this could mean: . In the context of their Karma acquisition, this actually solves one of the issue highlighted in my previous post. […]

Facebook got Karma for payment & commerce

While covered in the aftermath of the Facebook IPO, I think its acquisition of Karma was slightly hidden behind NASDAQ failures, IPO pricing debate and overall blessing for CNBC’s octobox. What is Karma? ; ; On the outside it seems to be a simple and nicely designed gifting app, but looking the UX and what […]

3615, L’arrivée d’internet dans le monde de la finance – [French]

Sean Park and myself had the chance to be invited to the swiss radio show 36 15: to speak Finance innovation and startups.     While recorded in the English speaking swiss radio, it is in French only (well frenglish …)

EPCA Payment Summit – Innovation in the Payment space

I had the chance to be invited by the team of the EPCA Payment Summit to present on how innovation is changing the way we pay. Here is the Prezi of my talk: EPCA Summit – Payment Innovation on Prezi The startups mentioned are: […]

The Core of the Machine – Banking as a Utility

I have been a strong partisan of Banking as a Service and posted several times on the topic on this blog. Recently I have posted more on the shiny outer layers that could be / are created in such a stack but not so much of the core services under it. So it was with interest […]

Quick ramblings on Mobile Wallet UI

MWC is going full speed in Barcelona and each day has its new payment solution, mobile wallet, magic integrator. I was particularly interested in hearing more from Isis, the Super PAC of US mobile networks (AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless).         ISIS wallet solution starts with a list of cards, based on the real […]

Snap & Deliver vs. Pick & Go: the future of mobile payment?

The last few weeks have been really interesting if you are following the ongoing battlefield of mobile payment. Paypal, Square notably have made big announcements on their vision the future of payment. Behind all these players, there is an elephant in the room that doesn’t say much: Amazon. Online retail as been making constant progress […]

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