Why we need brilliant banks

I have been a strong advocate of disruptive startups in Financial Services on this blog, dismissing some of the banks effort to try and move as quickly as more nimble competitors. But in all respect, for these innovative startups to launch their services, we need brilliant established banks and payments players. That is why I […]

Next: Algorithmic Banking?

Algorithmic trading has made the headlines, most often negatively. The underlying idea is that computers can make, on a broader scale, better decisions than a trader. On the other hand, criticism is rising to curb a practice that some consider contrary to the benefits of the market. But, on a different scale, I believe algorithmic […]

Finovate Europe 2011 : Part 1 [Overall impression and PFMs]

As you may have seen on this blog or twitter, I had the chance to participate to Finovate Europe. Thanks to all the Finovate team for inviting me to the event. While we were 2 bloggers on the list (with @BankerVision), I believe I was the only one physically present that day. And yes blogging […]

Big Data & Social: advantages of incumbents

I was reading the slides of Mary Meeker, the famous (now former) Morgan Stanley analyst, on 10 Questions Internet Execs Should Ask & Answer and among all the available information noted these slides on the unusually high level of innovation within incumbents. It is an interesting statement and it could in some ways be the […]

Is it time to challenge Banks’ business model?

  BankSimple motto The crisis has had a profound impact on how people perceive banks. Because they are identified as the root of the crisis and because they have played an extremely negative role during it (mortgage foreclosure, collection, limited credit) there is a strong resentment against banks. This is especially true for retail banking […]

Introduction to Semantic Web’s “Wave Hits Financial Services”

Semantic Web has published a very interesting and detailed blog post on disruptive innovation in Finance listing the main activities of banks (by source of revenue) and the players that may challenge the incumbents. Here is a spreadsheet summarizing the bank’s activities listed as well as the disruptive innovations and key players. Link to the […]

Gen Y and Banks: key numbers from the Cisco Study

Cisco through its Cisco Internet Business Solution Group has published a very interesting and detailed study on the expectations of U.S Consumers towards their banks, especially for the younger generations: Gen X and Gen Y. Here are the key learnings for me but I really encourage you to read it in detail and make your […]

Reviewing Citi’s bank of the future: a mixed bag of ideas

Fastcompany has published last week a review of Citi’s future concept for its banks’ branch: Image source: FastCompany While providing the necessary eye candy ( 2 ways interactive wall, screens everywhere!) I have mixed feelings on the solution proposed:

Klublax is going under administration

Techcrunch is reporting that Klublax, A Mint like Personal Finance website in the UK has gone into administration. Here is the official mail: Dear Kublax Customer It is with great regret that we announce the closure of our service as we have been forced to take the business into administration. Over the course of the […]

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