Google I/O payment announcements: is a revolution with no insurgency possible?

Google’s megafest was happening last week, with big announcement for Hangout, Google +, Android and Search / Maps. Among these were a couple of announcements related to Payments (but no major push from Google since Wallet 2.0 last year  and no Google Card): – The headline-grabbing announcement – send money via email. Wow, dollar button in […]

Bank hacking: power to the financial services makers

With the Maker Faire movement growing over the last few years, Hardware hacking has finally been making the headlines. It is one of the root causes of the recent startup hardware trends that are also fueled by platforms such as Kickstarter. What is interesting to me is that independent, smart  and techno savy people put the […]

Should people manage their bank accounts? No!

One of the points raised many times at Next Bank Europe is that banks should give better tools for people to manage their accounts and finance. Actually, when asked, most people want to be able to better manage their bank accounts. However, maybe this is looking at this problem through the wrong lens. Actively managing […]

Creating value around payment – will Offers disappoint?

There is a coupon information bubble right now, but its interesting to see how different it is depending who is talking Offers. For banking and payment, Offers seem to be still seen as the future of revenue. Whether it is Google, which decided not to take a cut on the payments through google wallet but make […]

Banking as a platform: coming soon with BankSimple

New website, recruitments, preview of Ipad app: BankSimple is on a roll recently; but for me the most important piece of news was the announcement of the BankSimple API. We’ll be launching an API for use by third-party developers in conjunction with the release of our initial user-facing web and mobile products. We intend the […]

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