10 ideas for smart contract leveraging companies

As much as the Bitcoin world is missing a killer app, a new generation of applications will be an important part of the success of smart contracts. This is a first list of rough ideas and I intend to spend time in 2016 refining those as well as thinking through other ones.

  • Decentralized commerce platform (starting with digital content)
  • Decentralized KYC platform
  • Digital voting system
  • Automated digital will notary platform
  • Secure software update platform (IoT oriented)
  • Securitization negotiation and execution platform
  • Automated mutual insurance platform
  • Shared assets management platform
  • Multiparty project management system
  • Trading rules transparent dark pool

Why these ideas? Imv, smart contract based architectures are particularly relevant for:

  • multiparty platforms looking to substantially reduce (down to 0?) third party costs
  • high value personal data management where trust of a third party is a high barrier to providing digital only services

Start today with Eris Industries obviously!

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