Building a Prosumer Video Set up — Software — Part 1 — Streaming

As we have seen in the previous post, it is now easier and becoming cheaper to produce high quality image ie being your own camera crew. This trends extends to the world of producing and editing, this is where software enters the picture in a very interesting way. While I think these two worlds are […]

Musings on the Prosumer Video Production market

Tomorrow’s office? Paradoxically, for someone working mostly remote since 2011, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the production quality of my online communications until recently. Mostly because most of calls were with people in offices, I was anyway a small vignette vs the real life interactions happening there. This has changed with Covid-19 […]

Data-Driven Energy Insurance: The Next Multi-Billion Insurtech

Jamey Stillings for TIME The energy industry is changing: a U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) report found that solar and wind accounted for nearly 95 percent of all new electricity capacity added in 2017 (15.8GW out of 16.7GW). With declining costs and increasing demand, the solar and wind industries are quickly establishing themselves as the future […]

InsurTech or CapitalTech?

There was recently a great post by Steve Evans over at Artemis on Swiss Re latest results and what they mean for the insurance industry. I encourage you to go and read it: Among the many interesting points in this article, a few stood up: There is a growing recognition, both within insurance or […]